Jim Ross to make MMA Announcing Debut

Mah Gawd! This is awesome!



This is fantastic news and might get me watching MMA again. Jim Ross–Good ole JR–the greatest commentator the WWE ever had, is going to be announcing at the Battlegrounds PPV on October 3rd. Even better, his co-commentator is Chael Sonnen.

Can you imagine what these two are gonna spout to each other. It’ll be gold, Jerry. Gold! I hope we get some of this:

I miss JR. Could you imagine him covering WrestleMania XXX, where Brrrrrrrrrock Lesnar beat The Undertaker? How about Daniel Bryan getting screwed repeatedly by HHH and Steph? If only. JBL is a great commentator (in his own way), but he’s no JR.

JR left the WWE last year, after the infamous WWE2K14 incident. You’ve heard about this, right? Ross and Ric Flair (Woo!) were at the event. Flair was drunk…

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Spike TV Cancels TNA

It was bound to happen. TNA has been a joke for a long time. Great wrestlers, terrible storylines, bloated egos that destroyed anything they had going for them. Sporting News explains it better than I can.

This is all Dixie Carter’s and Vince Russo’s fault. It’s really a shame, because there are some great wrestlers in TNA that are getting shafted. I hope that the WWE will pick up some of them. I know that Ring of Honor is using a few. How great would it be to see guys like Samoa Joe and James Storm in the WWE?

I feel for all the X Division guys that are gonna inevitably lose their steady check. The X Division was the best thing about TNA, something different, that the WWE doesn’t do. Of course they had to screw that.

Farewell, TNA. I barely noticed you were there.


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Daniel Bryan: Crimestopper

In some of the most bad ass news I’ve heard all day, Daniel Bryan captured a burglar in his house and choked him out until the police came.

This is not a joke. It might be kayfabe, but I don’t think so.

Apparently, he came home with Brie to find burglars in his home. They dropped the loot and scattered, but Bryan ran one down and “subdued him.” Remember, he just had major surgery on his neck, and still has little strength in one arm. Without knowing if the thieves were armed, he dove in there and took one down. That’s some hard core shit.

I hope he sat on top of the guy and yelled YES! repeatedly.

Maybe something like this.

In addition to getting beat with chairs and 2 by 4s, Bryan spent many years training at Randy Couture’s gym. When he says he’s a submission specialist, he means real submissions, not Rusev slapping a shoulder claw on you.

I hope Brie slapped the guy hard enough to make him piss himself, Stephanie style.


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“Bad Giant!” Bo Dallas, King of Trolls

I know I’ve been going on about how much I like Bo Dallas, but he’s just freakin’ awesome. He is the best troll in the business, with his inspirational talks and left-handed compliments. He’s so good at this character, I’m afraid it’s too good to be true.

WWE Creative, please don’t ruin this gimmick. Please. I’m begging you. Please with a cherry on top.

Bo’s “bad giant” line was the highlight of another mediocre RAW. Why does Miz/Sheamus get 15 minutes and Ziggler/Fandango get 5? Not to mention leaking “an appearance by Sting” only for it to be a commercial. Damien Sandow and Adam Rose shilling for Sonic felt like an old Hostess Fruit Pies ad you’d see in a comic book. What the hell are they doing with Paige and AJ? It’s weird an uninteresting. After all the stuff Zeb said about immigrants, having him and Swagger as faces doesn’t feel right. We have memories, you know.

I turned it off just before the main event. Main events are so predictable these days, you don’t even need to see them.

Next up, a poo flinging match!

That’s all for me. I’m freakin’ starvin’


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